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Maintenance Services

We Maintain and Enhance Your Facilities

BEST’s maintenance services keep Calgary buildings in optimal condition and prevent the normal wear and tear that can occur over time. Consistent maintenance prevents costly long-term damage and allows your site to function without disrupting daily services. Our maintenance services also enhance the appearance of a facility, helping create a positive impression on all stakeholders.

By providing facilities maintenance services in addition to our janitorial services, we save our clients from the hassle of finding external companies to take care of their maintenance needs. With an internal maintenance team, we can act promptly, conduct regular checks, prevent damage to facilities, and reduce labour costs for our clients.

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Services we provide:

  • Drywall

  • General Carpentry

  • Electrical

  • Painting

  • Flooring Repair

  • Plumbing/Bathroom

  • Special Projects

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