Environmental and Operational Excellence

BEST Service Pros is a premier provider of commercial cleaning services, specializing in integrated custodial, facilities management, and customer services to clients across Canada. Managing building service contracts at large public properties, with over 30 million square feet cleaned daily. We are committed to operational excellence, by designing and delivering building maintenance solutions to secure the long-term loyalty and trust of our team and clients; and by delivering competitive customized programs to a select group of clients, we generate value for our clients, which extends throughout our contracts, through the investment in lean processes and innovation.

Client-Focused, To Deliver Best-In-Class Services

With over 60 years of industry experience, we are top experts in Canada’s cleaning industry.

Committed to Operational Excellence

BEST has defined a clear and specific vision that reflects our values as a company. We aim to be the leading building services provider in North America.

Certified Services, Proven History

BEST Service Pros has been presented with awards and certifications that exhibit the commitment that we make to our clients, the quality of service that we perform, and our dedication to building a sustainable environment.

Developing “BEST” Practices To Advance Our Industry

At BEST, we consider innovation to be the key ingredient to the value that we provide to our clients. By using revolutionary custodial and facility management solutions, we deliver a high return on investment to our clients.

Exciting Opportunities and Support to Grow Your Career!

BEST values high-trust relationships and provides career opportunities that allow for professional development.