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BEST Maintenance Keeps Your Long-Term Care Facility Thriving

May 10, 2024 - Posted By Katie Park

Residents in long-term facilities deserve a safe, comfortable haven. BEST Maintenance in Calgary provides comprehensive services to ensure your long-term care facility functions flawlessly, fostering resident and staff well-being.

  • Proactive Advantage: We prioritize preventative maintenance, catching minor issues before they become major problems. This saves money and avoids disruptions for residents.

  • More Than Repairs:  Our skilled team tackles everything from electrical work to creating a welcoming atmosphere through touch-up painting and detailed repairs.

  • Complete Care:  Plumbing, flooring, appliances, even furniture assembly – we handle it all. You can focus on what matters most – resident care.

  • Seamless Support:  Our service experts become an extension of your team, providing ongoing maintenance or tackling specific projects.

Don't compromise on quality care. Get a quote from BEST Maintenance today and elevate your long-term care facility with a partner dedicated to resident well-being.