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Cleaning for The Future

We truly believe that innovation introduces a disruptive change to our industry. We take a 'problem' and, using our lean practices, root out its cause until we can see clearly what needs to be changed, and then we begin our innovation process. We're dedicated to the idea of innovation that we have established a Lean Steering Committee, which oversees to kaizens and to source improvements that will eliminate these issues for our clients.

When people think of innovation, there is often a Tomorrowland-Esque "Great Big, Beautiful Tomorrow" mentality, whereby people envision robots for all tasks in place of humans. We understand that innovation is not about eliminating the human component to our offerings but improving and enhancing individuals' uniqueness.

Lean Sensei program

We Create Efficiency for Our Clients

We've adopted the Lean Sensei strategy always to be three steps ahead of our client's needs. The program is designed to identify areas of opportunity and create operational efficiencies by fostering the motivation always to be three steps ahead of our client's needs. This strategy to improve our training and problem-solving methods has ultimately led to increased customer satisfaction and strengthened client relationships.