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What Makes BEST Green?

August 26, 2022 - Posted By Akanksha Sharma

We have introduced several sustainable policies and practices to our services that are guided by our commitment to For a Cleaner World. We follow the CIMS-GB Green Cleaning requirements which require that environmental responsibility be considered in all company decisions. Today, we are one of the leading service providers of green janitorial services in Canada.

Here are four things that make BEST green!

1) Carbon Neutral

We have held our carbon-neutral designation since 2007! We have partnered with Ostrome, Canada’s leading carbon offset company, to monitor our environmental footprint and help us identify ways to reduce emissions. Since 2007, we have offset approximately 10,000 tons of CO2e!

2) Waste Diversion

We have introduced several programs to help our client reach their waste reduction goals. Some of our programs include “zero waste” training, recycling PPE items, introducing reusable containers in cafeterias, and designing effective signage for waste bins.

3) Equipment and Products

A minimum of 90% of the cleaning equipment we use meets environmentally preferred criteria, and 98% of our products are EcoLogo certified!

4) Sustainable Systems

We ship 96% of our chemicals in an ultra-concentrated state and dilute them onsite. We have reduced over 1 million litres of diluted products from being shipped thousands of kilometers over the past five years. We also use microfibres at all our sites as they are reusable and more effective for cleaning.

Providing green services helps us further our commitment to For a Cleaner World and helps create clean and sustainable communities.