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At BEST, Team Members Receive a Grant for Educational Advance

January 28, 2022

Since 2013, BEST has increased our corporate social responsibility funding towards education through the Ulf von Dehn Memorial Educational Grant. This grant is a way to help our team members and their spouses, children, or grandchildren achieve their educational and career goals. The grant, followed by our active participation in education, will help address the gaps and enable our community to beat the causes of poverty and unemployment. We are proud to say that the Ulf von Dehn Memorial Educational Grant has distributed nearly $150,000 in funding to our team since its inception.

This year, BEST gave away a total of $125,700 to 274 very deserving recipients. At BEST, two of our core values are “We Continuously Improve” and “We are Empowered to Take Action.” We know that our team is an essential element of our growth, so we want to create a happy and productive culture where they can pursue their personal goals. We hope that the grant will help our team members build better lives for themselves and their families.

Congratulations to all the students who have been awarded the grant!

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