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Five Reasons We Use Microfibres

December 28, 2022 - Posted By Akanksha Sharma

We use microfiber cloths and mops instead of traditional cleaning materials such as paper towels at all BEST sites. Our frontline team members are educated on the benefits of using microfibres and trained to use them effectively. Microfibres are not only more cost-effective but are also environmentally friendly.  

 What makes microfibres eco-friendly?  

  1. Reusable 
    Microfibres can be used as times as needed! All they require is a quick wash after use and they are ready to be used again without losing any of their effectiveness.  

  2. Save trees 
    Traditional cleaning materials such as paper towels contribute to deforestation. Microfibres on the other hand are generally made from a synthetic blend of polyester and nylon.  

  3. More effective 
    Microfibres are better at grabbing and holding on to dirt and germs instead of spreading them around.  

  4. Require fewer chemicals 
    BEST’s standard practices consist of spraying chemicals onto the cloth instead of directly on the surface. This results in fewer chemicals being used and reduces air pollutants, proving to be healthier for our team members.  

  5. Use less water 
    Due to their highly absorbent nature, microfibres require less water to clean any surface in comparison to paper towels or cotton cloths.  

Microfibre cloths can also be used in homes! Taking small steps such as using microfibres cloths for household cleaning can have a large positive impact on the environment. We encourage our team to make sustainable choices every day for a cleaner world