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Making a Positive Impact: BEST’s Ongoing Journey with Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids

March 1, 2024 - Posted By Maryna Araujo

Supporting local charities and organizations is a priority for us at BEST, and has resulted in a decade-long collaboration with Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids. This remarkable volunteer-driven organization works to make sure no child goes hungry, providing nutritious lunches to those in need.

Our partnership with Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids holds a special place in our hearts as some of our team members use their services to ensure proper nutrition for their children year-round. By supporting initiatives like this, we not only feed young bodies and minds but also foster a sense of belonging within our BEST family, making it a cause close to home.

Over the past ten years, we've contributed to the organization in various ways – from financial funds, like last December's $1,000 contribution, to hands-on involvement in making and delivering lunches to schools across Calgary. Every year, we also make sure to participate in our primary vendor Bunzl’s annual Golf Tournament, where all proceeds are donated to Brown Bagging initiatives. This collaborative effort not only showcases our shared commitment to making a positive impact on people's lives but also reflects our longstanding partnership with vendors who share the same values as BEST.

Let's continue to make a difference, one lunch at a time! Click here and learn more about Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids.