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Keeping Vancouver Spectacular

May 29, 2014 - Posted By Livia Valpassos

The BEST Team in Vancouver was happy to have a sunny morning last week to work with the City of Vancouver's Keep Vancouver Spectacular Program. We volunteered to take 14-044-09 BCU Evite_FINALnewon specific areas in downtown Vancouver, split into teams and began cleaning up litter throughout the streets. It was a great opportunity to come together as a team to do something to improve this beautiful city we live in. We were surprised by the interesting items we picked up and even had some healthy competition for who could fill their garbage bags the quickest (there was a clear winner)! We were motivated by the great people in the city providing us with support throughout the morning.

BEST Service Pros is also a proud sponsor of the Keep Vancouver Spectacular Program. We are working with the City of Vancouver to encourage groups of people throughout the city to participate in community cleanups. These cleanups will happen throughout the year and the organizers can provide your team with BEST Service Pros cleaning equipment and other supplies to get your event going.

If you would like to participate in a cleanup or host a community cleanup visit: