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How Mental Health is Critical to Workplace Safety

January 13, 2022

Nowadays, businesses are more aware of and are encouraging open discussions about mental health in the workplace. Employers know that physical health and the subsequent safety of employees have a direct connection to employees' mental health. Our mind and body are connected, and thus, any level of stress has the potential to impact the condition of the body. There have been many cases of work-related burnout, especially during the pandemic as the market experiences an employee shortage.

At BEST, we believe that it is our responsibility to maintain a healthy work-life balance by providing the best resources for our team's mental health. It is not only the manager's duty to ensure a healthy workplace, but it is also the responsibility of all teams to be aware of other team members' behaviour relating to anxiety, depression, pessimism, irritability, a sense of overwhelm, discouragement, lack of interest, or an inability to concentrate and make decisions. Managers must make it their task to monitor their team by ensuring open communication to help those in mental crisis.

Another way is to show appreciation of team members' strengths and their value to the company. This is common practice at BEST, where we give employees KUDOS for a job well done. With Bell Let's Talk Day right around the corner, BEST plans to address mental health in the workplace from the top-down, with leadership promoting a culture of workplace safety that understands the importance of both physical and mental health.