BEST Service Pros

The Importance of Safety Measures

December 23, 2021

Under the health and safety laws of Canada, BEST Service Pros is committed to providing opportunities for our team members to participate in processes for improving their effectiveness at work. We have developed a system to encourage employee participation in our annual retaining and monthly health and safety meetings to help meet some of these obligations. Health and safety meetings are critical to the success of our operations in that they:

- Encourage safety awareness: the meetings allow team members to understand the importance of safety topics that are often too easily ignored. Team members get together to discuss safety concerns and hazards they have had encountered, followed by effective strategies to prevent them. Moreover, team members become more conscious about everyone's safety in the workplace.

- Create active participation: our goal for the health and safety meetings is to create an open and fun environment where team members can demand and receive constructive feedback on their performances. Sharing stories encourages team members to discuss accidents that may or may not have happened to one of them before. The meetings give team members the opportunity to come up with better ideas and suggestions to improve BEST's operations.

- A fun team bonding activity: at every meeting, our team prepares engaging and easy-to-understand materials to demonstrate safety procedures such as the uses of protective equipment or proper lifting techniques. There is also a Kahoot quiz regarding the health and safety materials that ends every meeting and team members who collect the most points can redeem a special prize at the end of the year.

- Introduce new safety rules and reduce safety hazards: the meeting raises issues about minor concerns before they turn into a bigger problem and discuss new safety regulations applicable to the current situation.

- Provide updates on accident causes and types: our monthly meetings help all team members to be fully informed about recent incident reports to help them be more aware about the hazards and what they can do about them. The health and safety meetings also help BEST to lower accident numbers and develop more effective prevention efforts.