BEST Service Pros

Happy National Custodian Day!

October 3, 2022

Each year, we eagerly welcome October 2nd as it is officially National Custodian Day! Although, we strongly believe in appreciating our frontline team members on a daily basis, having an official day to mark and recognize our frontline heroes is an opportunity we cannot miss.

Our frontline team members consistently show up and create clean and healthy sites. They often work around the clock to make sure we are always met with a spotless site. Often unseen and underappreciated, janitorial staff members are essential workers and deserve to be celebrated across the country.

Thank you to all BEST frontline team members for consistently going above and beyond in keeping our sites clean! Our frontline team members are the most important factor in our ability to become the leading janitorial company in Canada. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic left many feeling uneasy in public spaces. It is due to the dedication and commitment of frontline staff that our clients and their stakeholders once again feel safe and trust their spaces to be clean and sanitized.

To celebrate National Custodian Day, we will treat all frontline team members to a Hero’s Lunch in which everyone will be provided with a meal from Subway. We hope our team enjoys this small token of appreciation and knows how important they are to us. Our appreciation for our team members is not limited to this day, and we will continue to create opportunities to celebrate our frontline team throughout the year!

Happy National Custodian Day!