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Growing Diversity in a Work Culture

March 18, 2022

A highly diverse workforce helps team members adapt, learn, and develop for the needs of the people. It ensures everyone gains the skills they need to succeed in their role. By doing what's right, we understand the needs of broad and diverse groups and take them into consideration before making any business decisions. Diversity is essential to our success; it is not just a way for us to check the box. A diverse workforce provides unique and fresh perspectives, which is vital in developing business strategies.

It starts by recruiting team members with different backgrounds, abilities, ages, personalities, etc. BEST prides itself on creating a welcoming work environment for all team members as part of our commitment to increasing diversity and inclusion. We uphold a supportive and safe space for team members by seeking feedback, opening discussions for relationship building, asking the hard questions, and not pretending that differences do not exist. Another way to show allyship towards workplace diversity is to celebrate team members. An example of this is BEST's tradition to host potlucks to celebrate different cultures and nationalities through food.

A company that understands their team members' performance, well-being, and job satisfaction, is vital to the success of growing diversity in work culture. This understanding of diversity and inclusivity of team members is the reason why BEST has become a leading janitorial company in delivering operational excellence. If you are interested in joining our team, please click this link!