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Embracing Our Identity with the BEST Culture Handbook

January 19, 2024 - Posted By Maryna Araujo

In business, an organization's culture is its lifeline, much more than just a document. A Culture Handbook serves as a roadmap to the heart of an institution.

At BEST, our Culture Handbook shapes our identity and principles. This tool acts as a unifying force in a company as diverse and expansive as ours. It aligns our team members towards shared goals, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose while preserving what makes our company distinct as we grow and evolve. The Handbook goes beyond mere policies and procedures, encapsulating BEST's mission, values, and beliefs and our dedication to excellence, sustainability, and community.

The BEST Culture Handbook is the cornerstone of our operations. Guided by our People & Culture department, we ensure that our core values transcend mere words, becoming principles we embody daily. This approach creates a workplace where everyone is valued, respected, and empowered.

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