BEST Service Pros

Embracing Innovation

February 16, 2024 - Posted By Akanksha Sharma

We understand that innovation is not about eliminating the human component of our services, but rather improving and enhancing individual talents and skills to work in collaboration with each other. The addition of innovative tools and technology, such as autonomous scrubbers and tracking and management systems, has helped BEST improve accountability, monitor processes, and boost our team members' efficiency. These additions have proven essential in helping our team members maintain clean and healthy spaces while delivering excellent customer service, and we have the numbers to prove it!

With over 6K hours of usage, the autonomous scrubbers allowed us to clean approximately 76K square feet of space! While the autoscrubbers take care of physically demanding tasks, our BEST team members can focus on the finer details that have a significant impact on the appearance and condition of our clients’ facilities.

Furthermore, our innovative janitorial management systems have allowed us to log and track over 1.3K cleaning tasks with precision and efficiency. These software programs help us improve quality control, optimize labour allocation and routes, and monitor the progress of every shift.

We will continue to take advantage of new and innovative tools to support our team members in their pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement. By providing services that exceed client expectations, we aim to form mutually successful long-term partnerships with our clients.