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Day of Meals at Union Gospel Mission 2021

November 29, 2021 - Posted By Juliana Caracas


BEST Service Pros has participated in the "Day of Meals" at Union Gospel Mission for over a decade.

Besides raising close to $5,000 for the UGM, last Friday, November 26th, ten of our BEST team members worked as volunteers to help cook, prepare and serve delicious meals.

The Day of Meals is an opportunity to connect people to a range of transformative programs and services offered by UGM – such as alcohol and drugs recovery, shelter and housing. We know the importance of giving back to our communities, and that's why we contribute to the "Day of Meals" every year.

The work that happens at UGM results from the collaboration of many people, gifts, talents, and abilities, all coming together to give people in need the best chance at receiving love and hope in their lives. You can also help UGM by clicking here.

We are glad to see our efforts helping others in our community and look forward to participating again next year.

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