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Creating ROI On Our Investment In People

April 12, 2016 - Posted By Livia Valpassos

Mutual respect is the basis of all successful relationships. Without it, communication breaks down, trust is lost and the relationship breaks down. This applies to both personal and professional relationships. If there is not mutual respect between managers and the people they direct, then these relationships break down as well.

Respecting their employees is how employers earn the respect of their employees. When people feel respected, they feel better about the company, more positive about their work, and as a result contribute to a positive culture. They also stay committed to the company and this resource retention adds value for the company.

The two most important ways we demonstrate our respect for our employees are:

  1. By hiring the right people
  2. By providing great coaching

Hiring the right person is paramount to create a performance management plan that empowers employees to engage, innovate, and improve. It is our employees' innovation and improvement that drive the same qualities for the company.

Hiring the wrong person is a loss for everyone, including the person you hired; you have both lost time and resources. Just as the wrong person can destabilize the group dynamic and decrease output, the right person can increase the cohesiveness of the group and increase productivity. Recruiting and developing the right talent contributes to our productivity and growth, and creates positive change for the company.

Great employee coaching is something that benefits both the company and the person. It can proactively overcome costly and time consuming problems related to performance and promotes our culture of continuous improvement.

Each person brings something unique to their role and to BEST, and it is best practice to seek out these unique skills and qualities because it is the most effective way to utilize our main resource, our people.

It is a coach's job to develop a deep bench of talent and expand their people's skills and capabilities. When this is done it establishes a connection and a bond of trust that encourages employees to share questions, concerns, opinions, and ideas which promote innovation and the continuous improvement of the company as a whole. When a manager helps their employees strengthen their skills and meet new challenges the employee experiences the pride and satisfaction that comes from these accomplishments.

Ultimately, every business decision comes down to its return on investment. Hiring and developing the right people in the right ways creates a high rate of return. When our employees grow, learn, and innovate; we as a company do the same.

Without the right employees and great coaching, we wouldn't be able to stand apart from the competition in our ability to provide a uniquely positive customer experience that adds value for our clients.