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BEST`s Leadership Practices Lean`s ‘Gemba Walks’

September 22, 2020 - Posted By Livia Valpassos

As we often mention in our blog posts and here on the website, BEST has adopted the Lean Sensei program, which is committed to helping companies maximize their potential in all areas and throughout our operations. Through Lean, we can increase team member engagement and retention, and better manage and sustain our company’s growth.

One of the Lean practices we perform is called a ‘Gemba walk.' Gemba walks refer to the action of going to see work being performed, asking questions, and learning from those who do the work. We visit sites where our team members diligently clean and disinfect the campuses, malls, and other facilities that belong to our clients.

The COVID pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the wellbeing of our frontline team. Our CEO conducted Gemba walks at many of the facilities in which BEST operates in BC, in order to better understand how our team members are doing during these challenging times, and the needs of our frontline team.

Continually improving and finding ways to be our BEST is what we strive for!