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BEST Recognized for Excellence in Safety and Customer Service at Red Deer Polytechnic

September 12, 2022 - Posted By Akanksha Sharma

BEST was recently recognized for Excellence in Safety and Excellence in Customer Service at Red Deer Polytechnic! We scored perfect 10s out of 10s on the evaluation for both awards! We have been providing services at Red Deer Polytechnic since 2014 and have received these awards consecutively for the past two years.

We would like to congratulate our team at Red Deer Polytechnic for their dedication and commitment to creating a clean and safe campus! In these past two years, our team has adapted and optimized to best serve the changing needs of the campus resulting from the evolving state of the COVID-19 pandemic. Providing consistent, high-quality services through constant changes in circumstances is no easy task, and our team onsite deserves to be recognized and celebrated for this accomplishment!

Thank you, Red Deer Polytechnic, for taking the time to acknowledge the hard work of our team members and allowing us to support you in becoming one of the top polytechnic institutions in Canada! It is the support we receive from the institution on a daily basis that has allowed us to flourish onsite and provide services we are proud of. We look forward to upholding our partnership for years to come.