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BEST Receives ‘Thank You’ Notes From Across Canada

December 16, 2020 - Posted By Livia Valpassos

This has been a very special week at BEST. We have been receiving a lot of love in the form of ‘Thank you’ notes from our clients across Canada.

Although this was a challenging year for a lot of people and businesses, we are glad to know that we fulfilled our purpose of having a positive impact on people’s lives by creating healthy and safe spaces for our clients.

Students from St. Jerome’s University prepared a ‘Thank you’ poster to recognize our team members' extra efforts during the COVID-19 crisis. “It’s great to see these acts of kindness and appreciation to our team for keeping them safe and healthy throughout the school year!”, said Mike Tung, BEST Service Pros’ General Manager.


Red Deer College published a social media post mentioning our team members' hard working behind the scenes: “They have been critical in ensuring the safety of our College community with their impeccable cleaning, day in and day out. We genuinely thank them for their hard work, resiliency, and dedication.”

Here is some of the sweet thank you comments we have received:

“Our team members greatly appreciate the comments that we have received. They work hard to provide our clients with healthy spaces in which to work and learn, and they are the front line in our fight against COVID-19. They are the beating heart of our company, and we are very proud and thankful that they have been honoured in this way,” said Bruce Taylor, COO.

Now it`s our turn to say thank you to our clients for all these lovely, kind gestures from across Canada. Thank you so much! These small gestures and thankfulness motivate our team to keep our clients safe and healthy through proactive cleaning and disinfecting services.

Check out Red Deer College`s post on Facebook:

Heroes work here. 💚

Since March, there are many individuals behind the scenes who continually have been supporting our...

Posted by Red Deer College on Wednesday, December 16, 2020