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BEST Optimizing Emergency Resources

November 25, 2021 - Posted By Inessa Katriel

In the event of a labour shortage from a pandemic, BEST has the resources locally to staff the contracts with team members, and with access to our internal corporate recruiting team, we can quickly look for staff through external hires. We invest in internal departments because we understand that we must prepare for a reduced workforce when an emergency strikes. BEST requires that each service area maintain an on-call pool of part-time team members who are trained and ready to work when required. We will then call on these team members to fill in for those who are unable to come to work to increase the number of staff we have onsite. Our expectation is that team members in this pool are vetted through our meticulous hiring process and have completed the necessary paperwork so that they can start immediately, reducing the time cost of the onboarding process. 

One of our biggest risks from the COVID-19 impact was on supply chains.

Within the past years, the most significant change to our Health and Safety policies and procedures has been our response to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. To ensure that our team is safe from being infected, we have made it a priority to always provide our cleaners with personal protective equipment while onsite. Medical-grade face masks and gloves are provided and required for all team members while performing their duties, and eye protection (i.e., face shields) will be provided to any team members that request them.