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BEST Concludes October Breast Cancer Campaign

November 8, 2021 - Posted By Inessa Katriel

During the month of October, the BEST Service Pros and BEST Shredding teams came together to raise awareness for and donate to programing and organizations dedicated to fighting breast cancer. BEST took action by donating to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada, based on our movement and exercise goals for the month. We encouraged the entire BEST team to get moving (whether by going for a run, walk, or any other activity that allows them to track the kilometers) and input the distance they traveled into a combined spreadsheet.

We want to thank the entire BEST team for reaching over 3,500 kilometers traveled, allowing BEST to donate $2,500 to help breast cancer charities in Canada. BEST is thrilled to know that our donation will help people living with breast cancer, now and in the future, through medical and financial means and by supporting breast cancer research that seeks to find new and innovative ways to fight the disease.