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BEST Chosen to be Employer of Choice

October 14, 2021 - Posted By Inessa Katriel

BEST is proud to partner with ConfidenceLine, operated by Xpera HR Services, which provides essential tools to help employees anonymously report wrongdoing, sensitive issues, or safety concerns within the workplace.

ConfidenceLine supports employees by providing an ethics reporting system that discloses any and all misconduct that affects an organization, its people, or society at large. This ensures privacy and security regarding all reporting and access systems for our team members.

We're thrilled to announce that ConfidenceLine has identified us as a partner company that believes in the importance of workplace safety, respect, and inclusivity.

ConfidenceLine currently recognizes organizations that have taken steps to support their employees through an Ethics Reporting line. Similar to BEST's purpose of creating a positive impact on people's lives, ConfidenceLine's priority is to create a positive working environment for employees and ensure each organization remains an employer of choice. BEST is proud to maintain its goal of always doing what's right and will continue to partner with companies that help us make this one of our core values.