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BEST and Team Members Raised $5,200 for Breast Cancer.

May 21, 2021 - Posted By Livia Valpassos

Last week at BEST Service Pros’ head office, an event was held that once again demonstrated the endless compassion and generosity that the BEST team has for each other.

Recently, a frontline team member who works at our head office was diagnosed with breast cancer and subsequently needed to leave her job to have treatment. As we all know, cancer is a disease that impacts everyone and can have devastating consequences on an individual and their family, especially in a financial aspect.

BEST's payroll administrator, Sameh Sahlaei, was deeply moved when she learned of the situation and knew she had to step up and help. With assistance from other team members, Sameh organized a fundraiser to help with treatment expenses, promising that she would shave her head and donate her hair as a show of solidarity and support if the BEST team was able to raise $1,500. In just under a week, the team exceeded this goal and raised $2,600, which was then matched by BEST Service Pros for a total of $5,200!

On Friday, May 14, Sameh kept her word as she bravely got buzzed, with the entire event being broadcasted live via Zoom for the team, and her affected co-worker, to watch. "I decided to do this for her because I can't walk by when I know someone is in need or having a hard time battling a sickness," Sameh explained. "I am glad that we could raise $5,200, and I can make one person realize that anyone can help others with bit of effort," she said.

BEST Service Pros is grateful to Sameh for her courage and to the entire team for their generosity as they support their fellow team member through her battle. We are so proud to be part of a company that is so ready to make others’ lives better and improve our community. "BEST Service Pros’ generosity is what motivates me to help," Sameh said.