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BEST and BCIT Implement Innovation at the New Building in Burnaby

October 24, 2022 - Posted By Akanksha Sharma

In alignment with our collaborative values of improvement, excellence, and innovation, BEST, in partnership with BCIT, implemented an innovative autonomous floor scrubber to help keep a high cleanliness standard on-site. Since the beginning of this partnership in 2016, BEST and BCIT have shown a commitment to continuous innovation and advancement and have previously introduced other autonomous equipment on-site. The most recent addition to the Health Sciences building is the Tennant T380 AMR, named Tidy Ted by BCIT students and faculty members.   


The T380 AMR, a BrainOS-powered robotic floor scrubber by Tennant, uses only water to clean, requiring no chemicals. QR cards control the entire cleaning process and can be mapped autonomously or by team members allowing the machine to effectively navigate the area and do its work while optimizing daily routines. BEST frontline team members welcome the additional help and have been trained to use the machine to focus on higher-value tasks requiring their expertise and creative problem-solving abilities.


Besides choosing the robot’s names, BCIT’s students and faculty members will also have the chance to select a design wrap for Tidy Ted. We are looking forward to the robot’s new look, and we will keep you posted here and on our social media.


For now, enjoy watching the autonomous robot in action: