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7 BEST Ways to Create a Seasonal Allergy-Free Space

May 31, 2023 - Posted By Maryna Araujo

While a delight for most, spring's arrival can be a dreaded season for those suffering from seasonal allergies. Also known as allergic rhinitis or hay fever, these allergies are set off when irritants like pollen or mould spores enter your eyes, nose, or throat. Each season brings its allergens: spring with its flower and tree pollen, summer with grass pollen, and late summer and fall with weed pollen and mould spores.

As a leading janitorial and maintenance service company, at BEST, we're aware of these allergens and prepare tips you can follow to mitigate their impact and create an allergy-free in your facility.

1. Be Alert - Allergies often start with sneezing or a runny nose. Catch these early signs and take action swiftly.

2. Close Windows - During peak pollen times, keep your windows shut and limit outdoor time, especially when it's windy.

3. Wash Off Pollen - After being outside, change and clean your clothes to wash away pollen.

4. Avoid Triggers - Know your allergy triggers and steer clear. Remember, stress and lack of sleep can amplify symptoms.

5. Stay Informed - Monitor local allergen conditions and plan outdoor activities when pollen counts are low - typically cold, wet days or later in the afternoon.

6. Mask Up - Expecting exposure to allergens? A mask is your best defence, filtering out irritants.

7. Professional Cleaning - Consider hiring a professional janitorial team like BEST for allergen-free high-traffic facilities.

Remember, dealing with seasonal allergies minimizes exposure and swiftly addresses symptoms. By incorporating these seven steps, you can make your facility allergen-free and enjoy the changing seasons.