Our Story

BEST Service Pros has been a leading janitorial maintenance services provider since 1956.

Our success as a company was the result of our founder’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Since its inception in 1956, BEST was led by our founder Ulf von Dehn. Our success as a company was mainly the result of his entrepreneurial spirit and competitive drive to create a successful company that embraced family values.

In 2006, we transitioned to being a professionally-managed, privately-owned company. This transition to operating as a professionally managed company was complemented by the second generation of the von Dehn family, who function as members of the Board of Directors. With the von Dehn family as advisors, this board provides leadership and accountability to executive team members and strategic direction.

A diverse and talented team focused on company culture.

The von Dehn family concluded that it was time to evolve the company from an owner-operator model to a professionally-managed company, to better leverage the success and reputation that BEST had built over the past 50 years. This change provided an opportunity for BEST Service Pros to not only recruit a diverse and talented team, but also allowed us to formalize our purpose, vision, and values, solidifying the company brand.

Culture Handbook (in English only)

We focus on creating a culture of dignity, pride, and integrity by hiring and developing the right people.


As part of our Core Values, BEST is committed to investing in our communities.