MyBEST Training

Training For The BEST Team

BEST Service Pros is committed to excellence in customer service, and to ensure excellent results for our clients, we train and certify our staff, creating a highly qualified team. Our end goal is to help our clients with their company initiatives and the achievement of their goals by allowing them to feel confident about our service offerings and to focus their energy on their facility.

Our training program is two-tiered: firstly, through our training portal, MyBEST Training, team members complete online modules designed to provide comprehensive training initiatives. In addition to the convenience and 24/7 accessibility, studies have shown that online training increases retention in users. An online portal allows our team to progress through their training at their own pace. With online training, we can ensure quality and the standardization of our training, while maintaining customization and relevance to our team members. This training method is in line with our corporate values, as it provides an excellent return on investment, and is a green solution to traditional training methods.

Once team members have completed their online modules, and have received a passing grade, they receive practical, hands-on custodial training. Our hands-on training is customized to the specific position that the new hire will be performing. We categorize our custodial team into three groups: Light Duty, Heavy Duty, and Project Team. Depending on the tasks that the team member will be performing, they will receive specific training designed to inform, but not overload.

Our Training Covers Seven Main Topic Areas:

Online Training:

  • Workplace Environment
  • Environmental Training
  • Health Precautions
  • Safety Training
  • Customer Service Training

Hands-On Training:

  • Lean Training
  • Custodial Training