Lean Strategy

Committed To Continuously Improving And To Being Our BEST

In line with our company values by fostering the motivation to be continuously improving and finding ways to be our BEST, we have adopted the Lean Sensei program. We now have nine certified Lean Greenbelts and one Lean Blackbelt on our team and many others trained in Lean 101. The Lean training program is designed to identify areas of opportunity and create operational efficiencies within all areas of our business from finance and accounting practices to operational plans while providing more value to our clients. This strategy to improve our training and problem-solving methods has ultimately led to increased customer satisfaction and strengthened client relationships. To learn more about our Lean Journey, please watch the video below.




Lean Sensei International is an organization committed to helping companies maximize their potential. To do so, they have created the Lean Sensei Program which maximizes efficiency throughout the organization and wider supply chain, boosts employee engagement and retention, and manages and sustains company growth.


By committing to a Lean journey, BEST creates efficiency for its clients. Our Lean certified employees have a keen eye for productivity in our operations, providing value to our clients through optimal services.

To learn more about Lean, visit www.leansensei.com