Exceeding Cleaning Standards in The Janitorial Industry

We created our GreenClean Program specifically to meet and exceed the cleaning standards set forth by the CIMS-GB program and remain at the forefront of best practices in our industry.

Our GreenClean Program is used with all of our clients and includes a GreenClean Manual that outlines green cleaning best practices for all employees to follow. We review this program on a yearly basis to ensure that we continue to meet our environmental goals. The core areas of our GreenClean Program are:

  • Procurement Evaluation
  • Cleaning & Disposable Products
  • Equipment & Vehicles
  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Programs
  • Employees & Training
  • Waste Stream Management

Not only do we use Ecologo Certified Products and Energy Star Equipment, we are a Carbon-Neutral certified company, verified through Offsetters, and CIMS Green Building Certified through the ISSA.