Experts and Focused on Selected Industries

Offering high-quality janitorial services ranging from floor cleaning to exterior window washing, BEST has developed a prominent reputation for excellence. As one of Canada’s only Carbon Neutral custodial companies, green solutions are part of our Core Value commitment to our clients.


With more than 65 years of experience in the higher education sector and over 30 million square feet of cleaning space maintained at some of Canada’s most prestigious institutions, we are proud to be the only carbon-neutral national janitorial company in our industry. Covering over 30 educational campuses, we provide healthy and safe learning environments to more than 300,000 students every year.


We understand that our team is an extension of the shopping experience. Not only are we responsible for ensuring cleanliness, but we also interact with guests, and provide exceptional customer experience. Our services cover everything from parking lot sweeping, landscaping, main corridors cleaning, food court tables, and restrooms.


A world-class room attendant is what we offer in the housekeeping industry. Our services take the stress of recruiting, onboarding, and training room attendants from our clients, allowing them to focus on the guest experience. BEST offers customized room attendant service plans, guest service training, and dedicated site management for the room attendant. We are a member of the British Columbia Hotel Association, as a way to be closer to our customers and to adhere to the regulatory authorities. Our goal is to provide amazing guest service, helping our clients leave a lasting impression on their customers.


We provide high traffic industrial cleaning, in CIMS-GB and LEED-Certified buildings, including convention centers, government buildings, and libraries. We have been ensuring safe and clean environments for 64 years. We have adopted technological advances, including autonomous car washers such as the TASKI Intellibot, which make us remain at the forefront of the cleaning sector.


BEST Service Pros effectively manages the mobile cleaning needs of bus services, the huge square footage of airport hangars, as well as various service and sub-service level sites. From pressure washing to regular vehicle cleaning, we aim to keep our customers’ environmental footprint low, while providing the service necessary to meet and exceed all quality expectations.