RDC Setup Request

Custom Designed Services

Created with best in class practices.

Office hours are 8:00a.m. – 4:00p.m., Monday – Friday

All requests must be made via Form Submission. NO verbal requests will be accepted.

For event requests with under 50 people please give 72 hours notice. If you miss the 72-hour deadline you can still submit a request with 24 hours notice. We will not guarantee setup with notification under 24 hours.

For event requests with 50 – 250 people please give 1-week notice. For event requests with 250 – 550 people please give 2 weeks’ notice. For event requests with 550+ please give 1-month notice.

Large event requests may involve additional porter charges.

Please contact the Site Manager of BEST Service Pros at 403-342-3588 to ensure appropriate and timely planning.

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