Who We Are

Providing operational excellence in designing and delivering Building Service Solutions.

BEST Service Pros, named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte in 2015 through 2020, is a leading janitorial maintenance services provider, specializing in integrated cleaning and related services in Canada. We are one of the leaders in high public traffic cleaning spaces with over 30 million square feet cleaned daily with a commitment to customer satisfaction scores. We design, manage and deliver cleaning solutions including custodial maintenance, event cleaning, window cleaning, and exterior building maintenance services. We are committed to operational excellence in designing and delivering building maintenance solutions, to secure the long-term loyalty and trust for our team and clients.

We have a proven history of providing CIMS-Green Building compliant cleaning services that are verified through third-party certified organizations.

We deliver these services to our clients through our commitment to documented standard operating procedures. Our goal is to provide consistency in creating a unique service experience. We achieve this through our commitment to, and investment in, our company culture. Our company culture is the foundation for delivering operational excellence to our clients.