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Exceeding Cleaning Standards in The Janitorial Industry

We created our GreenClean program specifically to meet and exceed the cleaning standards set by the CIMS-GB program and remain at the forefront of best practices in our industry.

The main areas covered by GreenClean

  • Procurement Evaluation

  • Cleaning & Disposable Products

  • Equipment & Vehicles

  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Programs

  • Employees & Training

  • Waste Stream Management

We not only use products certified by Ecologo and Energy Star equipment, but we are also a certified company with carbon neutralization, verified through compensators and certified as CIMS Green Building by ISSA.

Our GreenClean Program is Used With All of Our Customers

Our GreenClean program is used with all of our customers, and includes a manual that describes the best green cleaning practices for all employees to follow. We review this program annually to ensure that we continue to meet our environmental goals.