• Career Growth

Proposal and Branding Coordinator

BEST Service Pros is a leading integrated service provider who has become the preferred choice for Custodial, Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, and Confidential Document Management services. BEST Service Pros was awarded one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies in 2014, 2015, and 2016 by Deloitte and CIBC. We are a Canadian owned and operated company headquartered in Coquitlam with locations across Western Canada. We have been providing professional commercial building cleaning services since 1956 and have a long history of providing cleaning and related service solutions to our clients throughout Western Canada.

Our vision is to be recognized as the leading building services provider in North America, and we need a team member who can assist in achieving our goals through strategically written, well-designed proposals & marketing materials.



We place a high priority on creativity and fun, while maintaining a high level of productivity. Working under tight deadlines, open and direct communication, and managing multiple requests must not intimidate you. This position reports to the Sales and Marketing Manager and will support other members of the business development team.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Responsibility for proposal writing and related duties including creating templates, prioritizing, editing, formatting, reviewing, and issuing.
  • Responsible for designing the final document utilizing Adobe InDesign.
  • Proposal coordination with team leaders.
  • Search for opportunities through RFP websites and leaders.
  • Assist the business development team in marketing and advertising campaigns and tasks.
  • Develop and design marketing materials in compliance with our branding guidelines.
  • Responsible for upholding a consistent brand image.
  • Executive administrative support for the CEO and COO.
  • Responsible for developing a thorough understanding of our service lines, industry, and our target markets.



  • 1 year of experience in a related position
  • University/post-secondary education
  • Excellence in proposal writing and preparation, with an understanding of best practices
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Office and Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Superior proofreading skills in format, style, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • A good eye for layout, graphics, and imagery, with a strong attention to detail and ability to problem
  • Excellent coordination skills.
  • Proven ability to prioritize and multi-task multiple deadlines as well as meeting deadlines within a high-pressured environment.
  • Ability to foresee deadlines and plan accordingly.



Deloitte and CIBC recognized BEST Service Pros as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies in 2014 and 2015 due to our commitments to company culture and operational excellence. Our goal is to build dignity, pride, and integrity deep into the foundation of our company by developing and hiring the right people and providing them with great coaching. We believe in recruiting a diversified team of high performing individuals who are a great fit with our company culture and who share our core values.


Core Values:

  • We respect our team by hiring the right people and providing great coaching
  • We compete with passion and pride to create sales growth and sustainable success
  • We do what is right and honor our word with integrity
  • We clearly communicate our expectations and plans with measurable milestones
  • We recognize and reward outstanding performance, effort and results
  • We value the team’s input and openly communicate with respect, trust and candor
  • We are client focused and empowered to take action towards “win win” solutions
  • We continuously improve ourselves, our processes, and the environment we live in
  • We invest in our people, their safety the right equipment and our communities
  • We are professionals who laugh, have fun and challenge ourselves



  • Competitive Salary
  • Extended Benefits
  • “Over the term of our contract we have seen ongoing and sustainable improvements in the quality of service, the quality of the personnel completing the service and enhancements in their quality inspection reports and overall ability to manage the cleanliness of our facilities.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “I was very impressed with your team’s ability to recruit, train and execute not only the unique demands of a pre-construction cleanup, but also with the ongoing requirements in marking a “world class” first impression for our clients and team members.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “I have been particularly impressed with the many professional systems BEST maintains on an ongoing basis from spill and floor care logs to safety training initiatives to employee recognition programs.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “I have been very happy with BEST Service Pros’ diligence in providing exceptional janitorial services through their commitment to a unique service offering.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “BEST has consistently met and exceeded expectations as determined by our internal evaluation process and by an external independent APPA auditor.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “Through third party associations they are able to offer services that are carbon neutral and offer green cleaning that helps us reach our corporate goals.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “Through the unique company culture that BEST Service Pros brings, they are able to provide a level of service and care not seen with our previous service providers.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “Results speak for themselves and BEST’s proactive approach to managing our account has reduced cleaning deficiencies significantly over previous janitorial contractors.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “Over the term of our contract we have consistently seen ongoing and sustainable improvements in the quality of service, the quality of the personnel completing the service and enhancements in their quality inspection reports and overall ability to manage the cleanliness of our facilities.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “The first report I had when I got into the office the morning was ‘BEST is GREAT’” – BEST Service Pros Client