Premium Outlet Collection – Ivanhoe Cambridge

BEST Service Pros has been in business for more than half a century, and we are on our way to being one of the top privately-owned service providers in North America. Our success has been built by carefully and thoughtfully developing strong business practices as our foundation. Improving our capabilities, policies, and standard operating procedures through business practices has provided us with the expertise to have a great business and earned us Canada’s Best Managed Gold Standard designation.


We wanted to change the mindset of our team: we are not a cleaning business; we are a service provider. This shift started the renaissance of the company over 10 years ago. We defined our mission and core values to set the standard for decision making, our team members, and to educate current and potential clients about what we stand for as a company. BEST Service Pros is continuously working to develop and to improve our culture, which we refer to as being “Different in a Good Way.” Members of our team feel the value from their contributions toward our goal of creating sustainable long-term success. Our clients are continuously impressed by the quality and character of our team, and they genuinely care about the success of our organization as a whole. Within our target markets, BEST stands out as the private professional choice that makes decisions based on our team and clients best interests and not shareholders. This has resulted in us creating our Cultural Handbook, capturing over 300 quotes from our team and their experience being a part of our shared success.

Our culture handbook is the foundation and strength of that change. This shift leads us to learn from our team what meaningful recognition was to them and it helped us to better support our team. With an environment of honesty, integrity, and accountability, culture emerged. It is our greatest asset, and it prevents our business from being replicated. You cannot imitate a culture and a team like BEST.

When we promoted a culture of outstanding customer service, we must also have the best business practices to support our efforts. Our business has adopted the Lean Methodology to provide the highest value to our company, to our clients, and to our team members. Since our decision to significantly invest in our Lean journey, we have certified 9 Green Belt leaders throughout our organization, implemented Lean 101 training across our 1,000 team members, and on track to have a certified Black Belt by the end of 2018. Our continuous improvement plans supported by these 9 Lead Green Belt leaders leverage Kaizens and 5S practices to identify waste, increase efficiency, and maximize labour productivity. Below is a short video about our Lean journey:

At BEST, we have a long-term focus to continue to differentiate from our competitors through “NEXT” practices. Our strategy is to disrupt industry best practices and to be at the forefront of innovation in our industry. We have already moved forward with this goal by implementing the use of robotic technology to elevate our productivity levels with the Taski Intellibot. We already have three Intellibots in operations for three different clients and these robots are consistently the top 3 performing robots in their class worldwide. The success of these pilot projects has demonstrated to us the need for further investment into our robotics program. We have recently invested $350,000 into this program and have secured the purchase of Diversey’s new Intellibot model in Canada and plan on leveraging this technology at the Premium Outlet Collection. Please watch the video below to learn more about the Intellibot and the success we are having with this innovative technology.

  • “Over the term of our contract we have seen ongoing and sustainable improvements in the quality of service, the quality of the personnel completing the service and enhancements in their quality inspection reports and overall ability to manage the cleanliness of our facilities.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “I was very impressed with your team’s ability to recruit, train and execute not only the unique demands of a pre-construction cleanup, but also with the ongoing requirements in marking a “world class” first impression for our clients and team members.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “I have been particularly impressed with the many professional systems BEST maintains on an ongoing basis from spill and floor care logs to safety training initiatives to employee recognition programs.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “I have been very happy with BEST Service Pros’ diligence in providing exceptional janitorial services through their commitment to a unique service offering.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “BEST has consistently met and exceeded expectations as determined by our internal evaluation process and by an external independent APPA auditor.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “Through third party associations they are able to offer services that are carbon neutral and offer green cleaning that helps us reach our corporate goals.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “Through the unique company culture that BEST Service Pros brings, they are able to provide a level of service and care not seen with our previous service providers.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “Results speak for themselves and BEST’s proactive approach to managing our account has reduced cleaning deficiencies significantly over previous janitorial contractors.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “Over the term of our contract we have consistently seen ongoing and sustainable improvements in the quality of service, the quality of the personnel completing the service and enhancements in their quality inspection reports and overall ability to manage the cleanliness of our facilities.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “The first report I had when I got into the office the morning was ‘BEST is GREAT’” – BEST Service Pros Client