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March 8, 2017

BEST Service Pros Awarded Gold Standard by Canada’s Best Managed Companies


November 21, 2017

BEST Service Pros Delivers Innovative ROI At Technology Institutes

BEST Service Pros is an integrated cleaning company, and one of the longest standing service providers in Canada. The focus on continuous improvement and sustainable solutions have kept BEST at the forefront of innovative custodial and facility management solutions. BEST is committed to operational excellence in designing and delivering building service solutions to secure the long-term loyalty and trust of its team and clients, which is exemplified by the company’s GreenClean Program, an initiative that provides innovative and sustainable business practices for clients.


BEST Service Pros (BEST) focuses on cleaning high traffic public-use facilities with a GreenClean Program created to meet and exceed cleaning standards set forth by the Cleaning Industry Management Standard Green Building (CIMS-GB) program and to remain at the forefront of next practices in the cleaning industry. BEST is determined to take industry best practices to the next level. In keeping with this initiative, BEST uses EcoLogo certified products, Energy Star equipment, and cleaning processes that improve the health of buildings. In addition to their green standard operating procedures, they are also a carbon-neutral certified company through the Offsetters group. This commitment to the CIMS-GB program aligns with the company culture to provide green solutions for clients and continually seek innovations that will help the environment.


The SWINGOBOT test impressed BEST with its ability to operate hands-free while staff continued to clean in other areas of the building. It also showed impressive signs of reduced water and chemical use compared to the standard floor cleaning equipment being used and was more energy efficient. “The TASKI SWINGOBOT showed immediate advantages with the recycling of water, allowing shifts to run on one tank where previously, the cleaning staff had to dump and fill multiple times per shift,” said Bratland. “It took about 15 minutes to dump and fill (three to four times on a shift), which meant up to an hour of time was being wasted. Plus, we were using more chemicals,” he added. The recycle capability of the SWINGOBOT can generate up to 85 percent chemical and water savings each shift.


The TASKI Intellibot used at SAIT was the first SWINGOBOT robotic machine used in Western Canada and is one of Diversey’s top three performing robots worldwide. Consistent performance in 2017 has ranked the SAIT machine as the top performing robot in the world on numerous occasions. Diversey reports that the unit runs six hours per night, including changing the battery which improves the return on investment. The nightly routine includes performing runs to clean four floors; each floor taking approximately an hour and a half and the basement 40 minutes.

Click here to read the Diversey Case Study!

November 20, 2017

Rest in Peace, Ulf von Dehn

On November 7th, BEST Service Pros founder Ulf Joachim von Dehn died peacefully late in the evening of November 7 surrounded by his wife, children, extended family, friends, and his many dogs at his side.

Ulf lived a life full of energy, colour, and a true sense of responsibility to his family, friends, and employees. His early life in Estonia instilled in him a deep and enduring sense of work ethic, self-sufficiency, and a strong family responsibility that only increased as his life advanced.

When he was 12, Ulf and his family were forced to flee Estonia to Germany as a consequence of Germany’s 1939 wartime pact with Stalin. At the age of 16, Ulf was conscripted to serve as a soldier in Germany’s degraded army in the waning months of WW II. In April 1945, Ulf’s commanding officer purposely diverted his brigade towards the substantial British Army in Northern Germany, instead of sending them back to defend Berlin. This decision forced their surrender to the allied forces. Ulf credited this act with saving his life and the lives of the other young soldiers in his brigade. He was released in November 1945 from the British POW camp.

During the post-war years, Ulf further illustrated a life of resiliency and responsibility. Despite very limited resources, Ulf studied Forestry Engineering and achieved a PhD in Wood Technology in 1953, which later influenced his decision to immigrate to Vancouver’s lush rain forest to consider a career in forestry.

Upon his arrival in Vancouver in 1953, Ulf pursued a host of different jobs, from mushroom picking as a new immigrant to working in the BC Forestry Research Council at UBC. He also received his professional engineering status in BC. He found eventual success in starting his legacy company in 1956, Best Cleaners and Contractors, a company that has successfully advanced to the second generation (now Best Service Pros).

All of his children, grandchildren, and extended family count him as a hugely positive role model in their lives. Family and friends will lovingly remember him for his maverick yet positive approach to life, his pride in the BEST company, and his countless, and oft-repeated, stories about his business, as well as his pun collection and his outspoken direct humour.

Rest in peace, Ulf. We thank you for the exceptional leadership, hard work and dedication you brought to BEST over the past 60 years. We will miss you.


October 18, 2017

BEST Service Pros welcomes Rick Bentley to our Ontario team!

September 9, 2016

BEST Service Pros is 86th fastest growing company in BC

BEST Service Pros ranked 86th on the 2016 Business in Vancouver Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in BC list. Every year, Business in Vancouver seeks to recognize BC headquartered companies making a name for themselves in the marketplace. As a company that strives to continually improve and be our BEST, receiving this rank is an honour.

We would like to thank our team members for their hard work and dedication to this company. We would also like to thank our clients for helping us grow. We look forward to continuing our successful partnerships and working towards an even brighter future.

For more information on the 2016 Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies, visit www.biv.com

December 23, 2015

BEST Service Pros Gives Back to the Community

Vancouver, BC – This December, BEST Service Pros held our annual Union Gospel Mission volunteer day, which allows our team to contribute to the betterment of their communities. In addition to financial support, we were able to participate in preparing and serving meals in the downtown eastside to the community in need.

Calgary, Alberta – In line with BEST Service Pros’ commitment to its clients and to ‘investing in people’, we are honoured to have been able to provide financial sponsorship for the SAIT Aboriginal Futures Endowment Fund this past November. The fund supports the training, education, and employment preparation for urban Aboriginal people in the Calgary area. We are proud to say that our contributions will help create a skilled workforce, vibrant communities, and prosperous families and citizens in 2016.

“You are changing lives through your generosity.”

Sandra Gomez,
Acting Associate Director,
Alumni & Development
SAIT Polytechnic


About Our Committment to Our Core Values
BEST Service Pros is committed to being ‘Different In A Good Way’ for our clients, our team, and the community. In 2015 we demonstrated this commitment through a number of charitable activities that included company sponsored volunteer events and financial contributions, as well as support for client led initiatives and programs. We chose activities that are aligned with our cultural values of respect, continuous improvement, and investing in people and their development.

We believe it is important to invest in interests and causes beyond company success. This year’s charitable activities have been an opportunity for BEST and its employees to give back to organizations that are doing great work in their communities. This is a reward in and of itself.

For a complete list of our charitable activities please refer to the corporate responsibility page.


“Your contribution will make a difference in many kids lives and help them to get off the sidelines and into the game. Thank You!”

Kidsport Alberta

June 24, 2015

BEST Service Pros (BC/AB) celebrates inaugural appearance on Deloitte’s ‘Best Companies in Canada’ award list

Started 58 years ago, family founded business has evolved core janitorial services into that of a major maintenance services provider to ‘high visibility/high traffic’ private and public facilities throughout Western Canada

Vancouver, BC June 24, 2015: Vancouver based facilities services company, BEST Service Pros has been recognized as a national winner of Deloitte’s Canada’s Best Managed Companies awards program.

“Our company is delighted and proud to be recognized as a winner of this major award, and especially this year, when there was such a focus on customer relationships, which really is the foundation for our continued growth”, said BEST Service Pros CEO Kevin McCrum. “We’re a private company that with experience, planning and hard work from our professional management and able staff, has managed our way to an enviable level of achievement, in a very competitive industry. This track record naturally offers us the opportunity to explore future synchronistic growth, while maintaining focus on our core values.”

The company demonstrated organizational rigour and risk tolerance to Deloitte judges as it continued to invest in systems, on-the-job technological advances and professional and skills training for over 1,000 employees through the last recession.

“I don’t think people have really thought of facilities services provision as an area aligned with high levels of expertise, of technology, of employee commitment. We’ve changed that notion,” said McCrum. “We’ve developed a ‘4 pillars of excellence’ service model that we are thoroughly committed to as a company. We want everyone—from executives to managers to on-the-ground staff—to understand it, believe in it, and improve on it.”

Communicating that model effectively across the company, McCrum notes, means that customers–who themselves run high profile, logistically challenging spaces (like the Vancouver Convention Centre or Capilano University or Royal Canadian Air Force base ‘4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta)—understand that they will get a customized approach based on their facility’s particular needs and demands. Clients deal with sustainability, environmental, regulatory, safety and ‘trust verified’ requirements. It means that companies that service them need to demonstrate the highest levels of trustworthiness, transparency and certification.

“That we’re able to give our customers that ‘inspect what you expect’ level of confidence through a combination of ‘high touch’ AND ‘high tech’, within an industry where private and very large public companies vie for these contracts, speaks to the success of our mission, our methods and our ambitions,” said McCrum.

About Best Pro Services: BEST Service Pros has provided commercial janitorial services to clients across Western Canada since 1956. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, we design and manage facility maintenance solutions which include janitorial, exterior building maintenance, and graffiti removal services. In addition to our facility maintenance division, we are also Western Canada’s largest privately owned, NAID Certified Document Management Company servicing the Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, and Edmonton markets.

BEST Service Pros currently services clients in commercial facilities with a large volume of visitors within the education, shopping and convention centres, transportation, industrial, government, and entertainment sectors.

For more information or to arrange an interview:
Media Contact: Judy Rudin
Email: judy@cddcstrategic.com
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February 25, 2014

BEST Service Pros Achieves CIMS & CIMS-GB Re-Certification

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, February 25, 2014—ISSA, The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, announced today that BEST Service Pros has re-certified to the ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) and CIMS-Green Building (CIMS-GB) with honours criteria.

The ISSA is the largest international and most widely recognized cleaning association. The CIMS rigorous assessment and certification program is a key industry standard and is considered equivalent to ISO9001 certification for the cleaning industry. CIMS certification encompasses the management, operations, and performance systems of cleaning organizations.

CIMS-Green Building certified organizations must undergo a comprehensive assessment of their management and operational execution in order to demonstrate compliance with the five core principles of the Standard in the following areas;

  • Quality Systems
  • Service Delivery Plans
  • Human Resources Practices
  • Health and Safety Programs
  • Environmental Stewardship

The CIMS-GB designation will help BEST Service Pros provide customers with precisely what they need to secure points under the Green Building Council’s LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (LEED-EBOM) Green Building Rating System, by assuring training, equipment and Ecologo chemicals are compliant under this certification process.

“Our organization’s continued efforts to be CIMS-and CIMS-GB certified demonstrates BEST Service Pros’ commitment to delivering green and sustainable cleaning programs to our customers,” said Kevin McCrum, CEO of BEST Service Pros, “To be recognized with honours clearly demonstrates our dedication to these best practices.”

CIMS certification has become a requirement in many cleaning-service bid specifications as end customers look for an effective way to identify cleaning-service providers who are true companies of excellence. These service providers are committed to the deliver consistent, quality outcomes designed to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

“BEST Service Pros has chosen to adopt the Cleaning Industry Management Standard Green Building (CIMS-GB) international certification process for our internal quality and management systems,” said McCrum, “to ensure our customers will benefit by receiving the highest quality and environmentally responsible cleaning outcomes.” This ISO 9001 Certification Standard equivalent is said to be considered more relevant by clients because of the fact that it is industry specific as opposed to industry in general. Therefore, this program assures clients will have consistent delivery on expectations to quality cleaning standards inclusive of the implementation of sustainable leadership and business practices.

About BEST Service Pros – Western Canada’s Premier Service Provider

The BEST Service Pros team has been providing janitorial cleaning services and professional facility maintenance since it was founded by Ulf Von Dehn in 1956. BEST Service Pros prides itself on providing environmentally sustainable service systems when it comes to Custodial, Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing, and Document Management Services. By providing progressive services and programs with emphasis on green friendly initiatives, BEST Service Pros has been able to meet the challenges posed by all markets on a continuous basis. Our team of service professionals provides a full range of custodial and related services to a variety of loyal customers across Western Canada.

BEST is also committed to community development and partnership with associations that contribute to the betterment of the communities in which we do business. BEST Service Pros’ Community Citizenship Program responds to the needs of our community and the world around us by working with charitable associations across Western Canada. As a company that was founded on family principles, we feel it is our duty to contribute to a sustainable community and work environment.

  • “Over the term of our contract we have seen ongoing and sustainable improvements in the quality of service, the quality of the personnel completing the service and enhancements in their quality inspection reports and overall ability to manage the cleanliness of our facilities.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “I was very impressed with your team’s ability to recruit, train and execute not only the unique demands of a pre-construction cleanup, but also with the ongoing requirements in marking a “world class” first impression for our clients and team members.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “I have been particularly impressed with the many professional systems BEST maintains on an ongoing basis from spill and floor care logs to safety training initiatives to employee recognition programs.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “I have been very happy with BEST Service Pros’ diligence in providing exceptional janitorial services through their commitment to a unique service offering.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “BEST has consistently met and exceeded expectations as determined by our internal evaluation process and by an external independent APPA auditor.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “Through third party associations they are able to offer services that are carbon neutral and offer green cleaning that helps us reach our corporate goals.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “Through the unique company culture that BEST Service Pros brings, they are able to provide a level of service and care not seen with our previous service providers.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “Results speak for themselves and BEST’s proactive approach to managing our account has reduced cleaning deficiencies significantly over previous janitorial contractors.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “Over the term of our contract we have consistently seen ongoing and sustainable improvements in the quality of service, the quality of the personnel completing the service and enhancements in their quality inspection reports and overall ability to manage the cleanliness of our facilities.” – BEST Service Pros Client

  • “The first report I had when I got into the office the morning was ‘BEST is GREAT’” – BEST Service Pros Client